Transformation Projekt | Dominka Doniga

03. – 07.04.2016 | Transformation Projekt | Dominka Doniga

Dominika Doniga


Performance, Workshop, Dance

This is an experiment of a human being. It is an attempt to diversify of traps we build in our mind over time since we get born. It is a fight for inner freedom, loosing needs a transformation to loving humble human being.

This is the week where you can share, learn and experience learning, improving your inner, performative and technical skills related to perforimg arts. But! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ARTIST!  That might not be even your goal. During workshops we will just apply different art forms or principles that you may use in different areas of your life. You will experience different challenges, explore and sharpen your skills and senses.

Workshops Sa 02. bis 07. April mit den Workshopleitern: Dominika Doniga (SK), Isobel Cope (EN), Zuzana Kakalikova (CH), Marti Guillem (ES) und Václav Strýček (CZ)

Check the events and come! transformation project. Dominika Doniga – voice coach

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