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Crystal Clear

Kyungrim Lim Jang



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Fotos (c) VORBRENNER / Marko Markovic


Crystal Clear carries the experiences of Nita Tandon, a female artist who migrated from India (a member state of the Non-Aligned Movement) to Austria in the 70s. Her story is vocally performed by Tyrolean author Annemarie Regensburger. By weaving the story of a foreigner in a local tongue, the work unsettles the status of belonging embedded in the performance of a dialect. The artist questions expectation for a performance of ‚authentic‘ identity and points her finger inwards the fuzzy borders within, between us/them.

– The installation is in German with English subtitles
– The publication is in Tyrolean, translated into German by Astrid Tautscher and designed by Hannah Sakai. Sound editing by Huda Takriti.

Besuchszeiten im BRUX / Freies Theater Innsbruck:
Fr 02.04.21 | 16–19 Uhr
Fr 09.04.21 | 16–19 Uhr
Sa 10.04.21 | 16–19 Uhr


  • Im gesamten Haus (ab Eingangstür) ist eine FFP2-Maske zu tragen.
  • Zu Personen, die nicht zum gemeinsamen Haushalt gehören, ist ein Mindestabstand von 2 Metern einzuhalten.
  • Wer sich unwohl fühlt oder Anzeichen einer Erkrankung spürt, bleibt besser zu Hause und lässt sich ggf. testen:
  • Wir setzen stark auf Eigenverantwortung, bitte schaut auf euch und eure Mitmenschen
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Kyungrim Lim Jang (1992, Seoul) is an artist who is currently based in Western Asian city of
Vienna. She has been constantly moving from one place to another in different parts of
North America and Eurasia. Living as a foreigner in communities of different scales, ranging
from families to societies, shaped her interest in often contradictory desire/needs for social
integration and self-preservation that coexists within an individual.
Reoccuring topics in her works include elastic distance that lies in between ‚Us‘ / ‚Them‘, and
how the embedded direction of desire to belong somewhere is manifested. She spends
most of her time lingering around crossroads of borders, landmarks, identifications, and the
narratives that carry these distinctions. What is amplified, deleted, and distorted during the
recording / translation process of a narrative, and the motives of the programming is also of
her keen interest. Complications that take place between action, demonstration, and
representation of the action is something that she thinks about regularly